Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My favorite photograph

I have a dog named Gulliver of about 8 or 9 years old. It's a mixed breed dog and is obedient, intelligent, a good watchdog.

I took this picture this year and it shows the ear of my dog ​​that had surgery 2 years ago. When I saw the problem that the dog had Chile beat Colombia 4-2 and classified to the World Cup South Africa 2010. I remember that day the dog had his right ear swollen and sore so I took him to the vet (there was nobody on the streets so I told above) and they revise it said it had an accumulation of blood in the ear and should operate as quickly as possible. Three days later I took him to vet for blood taken out and rebuild the ear. After the operation Gulliver had to wear a collar for a week (it was an ordeal for both the dog and me), give medicines and clean the affected area. Fortunately everything went well and as you can see its ear is quite recovered. During these years, my dog began to show typical symptoms of the dogs when they are approaching old age (sounds slightly wrong, it is slower) but still a good companion.

As I stated earlier, this picture I took on 2 April this year, but I remember very well the context in which it was taken, as I recall was on a weekend in which Gulliver began to scratch too operated ear so I had to check it constantly until it ceased to do so, which happened soon anyway but I got scared a little. Fortunately my dog is now in perfect conditions .

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My favorite piece of technology

Technology is present in many ways in my life but my favorite piece of technology is my MP3 Player. Why? Because it offers to me the possibility listen to my favorite music and keep my files very well protected.

This MP3 Player (Sony Walkman) in particular I got it because a friend gave it to me when he lost another MP3 Player I had last year (well, really, he gave me money to buy another one).

I use my MP3 Player most part of the day because one of my favorite things to do is listen music. I could to listen to music and radio all day but I have to do other activities.

If I can`t use my MP3 Player, it`s possible I`m going to get bored when I travel to my home or university. Listen music when I`m on the subway or just walking on the streets make me feel sometimes I`m living in a real life movie soundtrack.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utopia, my perfect world

In my perfect world there is no difference in the access of public services, all the people can ask for help with no discriminations.

Education is possibly the best way for equalize the opportunities in the population because offers different instruments and knowledge that may be important to get a job. For that reason is very important to install a system of education who helps all the people, mainly that one who can`t provide for itself that service for economical reasons.

My world can understand and accepted different points of view, but also denies ideas who can destroy the actual system, democracy. Ideas like Nazism are out my world.

Salaries are no equals because we have different appreciation from job, but is important recognizes that the world works with people and that people have their own understanding of justice, a notion of that  idea, and is very important incorporate that concept in Salaries` discussion.

My perfect society has spiritually in all of the people, or maybe not. We have to respect different ways of cult and recognizes existence of people who not believe but have their own spiritually.

The most important value is kindness. That doesn`t mean be kind in every situation, just when you think is necessary because we can misunderstood a situation and make a mistake.

Relationships are important because they impact and, at the same time, reflect how humans interactive with other people. We can see the impact of relationships when we just look faces and behavior of people. 

The “perfect” world has notion about no perfection in human race because we can understand own limitations. World can`t be perfect if the people recognizes they are not, so it`s impossible think in a perfect world, maybe just in a better world.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A carrer-related web site I enjoy visiting

This is an interesting web site for all the Chilean public administrators. DIPRES is the institution in charge of the use of public finance, programming, and fiscal politics in general. The DIPRES website has many sections, including:

Historic budgets: budgets since 1999 until this year.
System of evaluation and control of management, which means an analysis about how is working the government.
Fiscal stats: income and expenses.
Press documents and more.

Also, this website has three more sections:
1 Institutions reports.
2 Content reports.
3 Historical reports.

I visit DIPRES sometimes, because I am doing every year analysis of Chilean public institutions for my university works.

I think this website is possible one of the best in the Chilean public administration because offers the chance to compare different institutions in the management, control and evaluation of their own actions. Is very important in public administration establish standards and DIPRES web site is a very good instrument in that way and also shows clearly how our institutions are working. Another advantage of this web site is its constantly changing virtual platform, according the variations in the society and the needs of the government.