Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My favorite piece of technology

Technology is present in many ways in my life but my favorite piece of technology is my MP3 Player. Why? Because it offers to me the possibility listen to my favorite music and keep my files very well protected.

This MP3 Player (Sony Walkman) in particular I got it because a friend gave it to me when he lost another MP3 Player I had last year (well, really, he gave me money to buy another one).

I use my MP3 Player most part of the day because one of my favorite things to do is listen music. I could to listen to music and radio all day but I have to do other activities.

If I can`t use my MP3 Player, it`s possible I`m going to get bored when I travel to my home or university. Listen music when I`m on the subway or just walking on the streets make me feel sometimes I`m living in a real life movie soundtrack.